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Bushy, Out of Control, Thin, Sparse, Light, Grey, or Uneven BROWS?
Thin, Light, Short or Straight Lashes ?


Using precise design methods, (brow Mapping) and custom tinting, we will design the perfect brow shape and color to complement your eye and face shape.

Lash & Brow Boost

Lash Lift & Tint is a fantastic way to curl and set your natural lashes to make them appear fuller and longer. Tinting restores color after Lift and lasts 4-6 weeks.

Give your brows a boost with a lift and tint that will smooth brows into a beautiful shape and color. Great for those with sparse, thick and bushy, light and dark brows. Shaping/clean up  included in each Fluffy Brow lamination. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Custom Color

Brow tint colors are custom mixed to complement skin tone, eye and hair color. Lashes are tinted black, or dark brown.

Permanent Cosmetics

Lasting shape and color for Brows and Lips. Offering Lip Blush, Powder Brow, Blade n Shade 3D (microblade with powder shading). Eyeliner is also available.

Touch up, color perfecter session at 6 weeks for all tattoo applications refines shape and is a time to make adjustments to final color of healed brows and lips.

Permanent cosmetics last 2-3 years, with touch ups recommended to maintain quality of appearance.

Lash, Brow and Permanent Cosmetics Services

Available Now! Permanent Cosmetics for Lips, Brows and Eyeliner

Permanent Cosmetics – Powder OR Ombre’ Brow

Thin, sparse or light brows? Have great brows everyday…. hands free ! We will start with a comprehensive Brow Mapping session to precisely define your brow position, shape, & symmetry. Next, we will customize the color of your brows to create a soft, natural look.

Ombre’ brows are a special powder brow design that leaves your brows with a soft, lighter inner section, and becomes darker and more defined toward the tail. Standard Powder Brow has more of a consistent overall powder density.  You can choose at your appointment !

Note; If you have had permanent cosmetics in the past (brow, lip or liner) you may need a removal procedure of old pigment before new pigment can be introduced into the skin. Please contact Katherine for a virtual consult.

$300            3.5  hours 


Permanent Cosmetics – Color Perfecter (6 week follow up)  Powder Brow

Your brows will be fully healed at 6-8 weeks, and the color will have evolved. Pigment can be added to enhance color, shape, definition and texture, and a 6-8 week follow up is highly recommended to extend the life of your pigment and obtain optimal results.

Note; If you already have permanent cosmetics that were done by another artist, and/or it has more than 8 weeks since the work was done, please contact Katherine  for a virtual consult before scheduling.


Starting at $150

2 hours



Permanent Cosmetics – Eyeliner Upper OR Lower

Define your eyes with soft eyeliner that never smudges ! Our technique includes “lash line” definition to give the appearance of thick, full lashes at the base. Clients with eyelash extensions must have them removed before this service.

2-3 hours


Lash Lift & Tint

Short, long, thick or thin lashes can be curled and tinted black resulting in a natural, no fuss beautiful set of lashes. Lift and Tint lasts 4-6 weeks depending upon lash growth. Use mascara to add thickness and definition over the lifted lashes.


Starting at $60
1.5 hours


Fluffy Brow Lamination, Mapping, Wax and Tint 

If you have uneven, light, or sparse brows, OR thick, unmanageable brows that won’t stay where you put them, this service is for you !

Starting with Brow Mapping to establish desired shape, we then  use solutions similar to the lash Lift/curl to place the brows in position and process for a few minutes to redefine direction, straighten and smooth brow hairs. After brows are smoothed into position, we tint them and clean up strays for a beautiful full, defined look.

starting at $50           
1.5 hours
Lash Lift & Fluffy Brow Combo
Lets get those lashes curled, and brows smoothed out into a beautiful shape and tinted at the same appointment.
Lash Lift & Tint combined with Fluffy Brow Lamination includes Brow Mapping to define shape and wax clean up leaving you with a hands free beautiful look everyday for up to 6 weeks.
starting at $90
1.5 hours
Brow Renovation – Mapping, Wax & Tint
Do your brows bug you?? Uneven, light, or sparse brows, or brows that need shaping, this is for you.  You may have more brows than you think !
Starting with Brow Mapping to establish desired shape, we tint them and clean up strays for a beautiful full, defined look.
starting at $40
1 hour
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Permanent Cosmetics – Blade n’ Shade (combo) Brows

Do you fill your brows regularly to add depth of color, balance, shape, and definition?                                                                                                              Blade n’ Shade offers the best of  powder brows and microblading combined to give your brows definition and color depth. Delicate microblade strokes define brow structure, and soft powder like fill result in a 3D appearance with a natural look.

Note: If you have previously gotten permanent cosmetics for your brow, please contact Katherine to schedule a virtual consult.


3-4 hours


Permanent Cosmetics – Lip Blush 
Glam on the Go ! Permanent lip color can be soft and subtle, or deep and rich. With an array of colors available, we will custom blend the perfect shade for you. Using a tiny, single needle, we gently implant pigment into the lip to give a soft and even finish. Add gloss, or even another lip color over as you like. Our process includes lip mapping, and detailing the shape to enhance your lip shape and bring out your best features.
Note: If you have had a permanent cosmetic lip procedure in the past, please call Katherine to schedule a virtual consultation.
3 hours


Body Wax Services
see Services/Waxing section
Brow Detail Services 
starting at $12

All skin care services can be adapted and customized for men & teens

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